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Jazz Innovation is composed of diverse musicians across race, age, gender and background who are living examples of diversity-leading-to-innovation. The group is led by guitarist Jeff Perry, an accomplished musician with over 30 years of professional experience who was also an Advertising Executive for more than 20 years at the largest media company in the Upper Midwest. 

Learn how Diversity + Inclusion = Innovation


Jazz Innovation is available for:


Presentations, Workshops and Keynote Addresses. Jazz Innovation can be presented individually by Jeff Perry, via a quartet, or other configurations (trio, duo, etc.) 


The presentation looks at the pioneering work American jazz musicians have been doing for 100 years with diversity and how it serves as fuel to drive innovation in the music. 

The presentation examines the Three Processes of Innovation that musicians employ to be more creative, improve their abilities, and create their own personal sound - what the business world calls brand. Those principles are: 

  • The Art of Fusion

  • The Duality Principle

  • Pattern Interruption 

In addition, you will hear first hand how diversity makes us more creative through the personal stories and musical examples from the musicians involved. This is often cited as the highlight of the presentation.  


Jazz Innovation can partner with your organization and incorporate specific topics you wish to focus on, and can work with you to apply the learnings from the presentation in your workplace.

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