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Learn how Diversity + Inclusion = Innovation


For over 100 years Jazz has been leading the way in breaking social, cultural and racial barriers which has allowed it to become "the world's most innovative music." Along the way four Key Principles have been established which allow the music to thrive and also gives the business world a model to learn from. 

Through hearing the story of jazz and other American music, exploring the principles in depth, and through live music performance, you'll see how Diversity + Inclusion = Innovation and learn how to apply your learnings in your workplace.

Jazz Innovation is composed of diverse musicians across race, age, gender and background who are a living example of diversity-leading-to-innovation in practice today. The group is lead by guitarist Jeff Perry who has over 20 years of experience as an Advertising Executive and has over 30 year of experience as a professional musician. 

Perry typically presents with his jazz quartet but smaller groups are available depending on your desires and budget. The presentation can be conducted online or live in-person.