Diversity + Inclusion = Innovation

What the world's most innovative music can teach the business world

Positive Diversity

Diversity training doesn't have to be contentious, boring, or "a lecture". Music connects with just about everyone. It is an entertaining way to learn about the positive effects of diversity, and offers us one of the best models to learn from. 

Our Group
Summer Music Performance

Musicians are among the most diverse people who work together regularly on the planet. Black/white, young/old, male/female, formally trained/play-by-ear, leaders/supporters, urban/rural...the list goes on. 

Our Diversity Training

For over 100 years Jazz has been leading the way in breaking social, cultural and racial barriers which has allowed it to become "the world's most innovative music." Along the way four Key Principles have come to be which have allowed the music to thrive and also allows the business world a model to learn from.