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The Sound
of Innovation

A presentation offering a positive, upbeat look at Diversity & Inclusion through storytelling, three creative processes,  and live music. 

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American musicians have been pioneering diversity for over 100 years. Learn how they turn diversity into fuel for creativity and how you can too. 

Our Presentation
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Jazz Innovation starts by telling the compelling backstory of the pioneers of diversity: American jazz musicians. Then they share Three Processes of Innovation found in the jazz culture that anyone can learn from and adopt. They conclude with sharing their personal stories and musical examples of how diversity has impact them and makes them better artists. 

Our Group
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Jazz Innovation is made up diverse, award-winning professional musicians working in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Representing men/women, white/black, classical/jazz/rock, church/secular - members of this group have rich histories and powerful stories to tell about how diversity has positively impacted their abilities.  


"Jazz Innovation's presentation at our national conference was very well received and considered the best session by a number of our attendees. His group brought a lot of insight into diversity and innovation with their personal stories, and they were a pleasure to listen to and work with. Their presentation was a conference highlight and an excellent way to close out our event." 

Kristina Franz
Director of Education
National Auctioneers Association

Contact: c) 612-860-8036 Email)
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